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How to set up a direct link to the WeatherBug download file on your website:

1. Decide where you want the link or logo to appear - for best results, this should go on the very first page (home page) on your website.

2. Decide how you want to feature the link - either a text link (e.g. Click to start downloading our FREE WeatherBug) or a graphic link (you can select from any of the graphics shown below).

3. Post the text or graphic on your desired Web page.

4. IMPORTANT: You should set the target link to:

5. Test out the link to make sure it works on your site. Spread the word about your new Web feature!

How to copy a graphic/banner/logo from WeatherBug to post on your website:

1. Locate the graphic you would like to use (see graphics below for samples).

2. Right click once on the desired graphic.

3. Select "Save Picture As".

4. Choose a directory on your computer on which to save the graphic (IMPORTANT: Remember where you have saved this graphic; you'll need it to place it on your Web page).

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Bug Logo II
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